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I subscribed to GameFly years ago and recently started up again after getting a new console. And I was extremely disappointed. First off, they don't have a lot of selection for newer consoles, and most of the games they do have for them are all low or medium availability. I had one game in my Q from the start that said medium availability but a month later when I canceled my subscription, I still had never gotten a chance to play it. Another... Read more

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Got a game that was unplayable, and asked for new one. A week later it came. I played for a day, mailed it back, and they said they never got it. After I reported it they did nothing... and in their mail said I should take it up with the Post Office. Eventually I had to cancel the service, huge waste, probably getting double billed. I have no idea how they think they can run a business like that. I have had Netflix for years and when they... Read more

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Every time I sent a game back to GameFly it took a minimum of five days for them to say that they received it. One time I contacted them because it had been over 7 days. I just cancelled last week, they of course told me send back the games, and *somehow*, miracle of miracles, after I had cancelled and they were no longer obligated to send me anything else, they reported receiving my games within 2 days. Interesting. You know, there was a class... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 19
  • #850696

Just signed up, tried to rent 1 game, waited 4 days, still in my Q. Why should I pay a monthly fee if you dont have the game? Cancelled my membership ... gamefly is a scam! Plus, i was pushed to do so on their support chat by "Kirk D". Fabulous customer service!

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So - I've made new account there and i wanted to sell some keys/games - i saw many people sold there item. And yes many transaction was successfully completed. But after i sold some keys i didnt received feedback by buyers (and i sent these keys), without feedback i didnt got money, but ok i sold more keys. Now my account was banned without reason, even if games are still in store or keys. I can't get money to paypal or i can't buy nothing.... Read more

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This place is so slow. I have taken a liken to gaming with the kids and wife on the weekend. Unfortunately when I rent a game turn around time is at least a week. AT LEAST! First game stated it shipped out on a Wednesday we didn't receive the game until the following Wednesday come to find out Paper Mario isn't that fun so we sent it back immediately. So Thursday (the following day) the game was sent back. I checked our account that following... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Mar 30
  • #820107

Website said free trial but I'm charged full amount.

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I signed up with gamefly and its been 2 weeks but I never received a game. They can't track the game shipment because they say that they want this service to be cost effective so they don't have tracking options. Go use some other service. They are ***. They dont have availability of new games either. Its endless waiting and they never forget to charge your credit card on time even though their service is so poor. My friends had similar... Read more

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So I went to sign my husband up for gamefly and because someone who lived here in 2013 had an account they denied our request to open an account. After being treated rudely on the phone and requesting a supervisor I hung up. Lucky for me I went looking for some reviews. Because, now I know Gamefly is ***! They are treating their business like a Utility service!! If my name is Jane Doe and the person who lived here 3 years ago's name was Marty... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Mar 05
  • #803638

I ordered a new game and there is no game inside can u help me

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